Saturday, March 31, 2007


"Why don't the other kids like me? I try really hard and I say all the right things. Like "you rock Chica" and "fabulous", and address them as "hey Girl" I am fairly new to the boutique world, My prices are okay, my sewing up to snuff. I make money. My use of the english language has been tweaked to include internet and boutique speak. LOL , (my DS, and my DD were rotfl, all I said was WTF when DH said TTYL, BRB.)I have educated myself to know the differences between chenille and duponi. I realize the secret fabrics are always bed linens, and that the ruffle skirt will only get dollars if done with a character. I spent dollars on a new camera, bought the ebook. My pictures Rock. My me page
was bought and paid for. Nothing ameturish there.
I seem to have it all worked out so why?? why cant I get into the group I want? "

HMMM Let me know where you are next year. The boutique community is Fickle "who is hot" this month may "Be not" next month, and groups come and go. Getting in the right group may be hazardous to your business. The group you think you want to be in , may have the meanest bitch as a leader, full of backstabbers or worse yet you could befriend a habitual liar and get drawn into DRAMA city. Just keep at it, the right group may come along and recognize your talents. If it never happens..YOU may just be better off...
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