Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Designers meet ETSY

If you have not already!! If you hadn't noticed many sellers are making their way to a hot not so new auction site called "Etsy" Your site for all things handmade. Crafts finally finding a place on the world wide web.
Stores are free and listing is ten cents. They take 3.5% of final sale. I love their search by color and the ease of use on the site. You will find some the most uneek items. I LOVE this site!!!

what others are saying............
Anyone that follows eBay or sells on eBay needs to take 20 minutes and visit Etsy. The beauty of Etsy is they started from the ground up improving many of the things that are wrong/broken with eBay. The real beauty of the site is its google-esque simplicity. Browsing is easy. Find an item you like, hit the tags that are appealing, see more items like it. eBay has lost its way on innovation of this sort. I hope someone is at eBay today freaking out with excitement at what a couple of innovative focused folks can do when they put their minds to it. -eBay Strategies


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