Monday, March 26, 2007

Are Parents responsible for their kids

Do you believe that parents need to take more responsibility for their kids (actions & outcome) rather than get upset at corporations or business? Case in point there was family that was tossed off of Air Trans, because their child would not settle down and threw a tantrum that caused a 15 minute delay in departure. The child did not want to be buckled in and was uncooperative. Much to the delight of the other 112 passengers they were asked to deplane.
Another case in the news was of a restaurant owner asking a family not to return to the restaurant, because the kids were running around in the restaurant and climbing the pipes that were in the restaurant using the wall as a foot path like Batman would. After they were finished with their meal, he asked that they not return. He has even posted a sign stating something to the effect that kids are welcome but must keep their hands to themselves. The surprising part is that in both situations the response has been overwhelming positive for the business.
As a parent I think that we have lost the sense of responsibility. We are quick to sue or be upset. Maybe we should stop to think how we inconvenience others. What about the dangers with kids running around in a restaurant? If a server trips over a kid and spills hot food on your kid then what…?

I agree!!
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