Friday, February 23, 2007

OH man some people

Ok, today I came across one of my pet peeves and for the first time I actually said something. There sitting in a stroller was a 2 year old drinking from a bottle filled with orange SODA!! I said out loud to the baby (wink wink, actually intended for mommy of course) wow you are so lucky to be drinking soda. The mom looked up and did not seem bothered in the least. SODA in a bottle, good grief!
While I am on the subject of pet peeves, how about parents that tote their kids around with FILTHY faces, for goodness sake can you grab a napkin or a wipe and clean the kid’s face. No one has to know what the kid ate or drank several hours ago…same for dried mucus noses. YUCK!

"I second that YUCK"
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