Wednesday, January 03, 2007

WE are in ...

and we have our first question from a reader!!
with so many of you trying to develop your own brand on ebay, and in the fashion world
This reader says....

I have never liked labels on the outside of clothes. Why oh why are the ebay sellers putting labels on the outside of their items? If I see it on an item in the auction I will ask that it not be included on mine if I win. What do you do when it is not shown, but when you receive the item there it is... in all of its glory. BIG as ever and in no way matches the outfit... YIKES. That has taught me a lesson... I will now ask that no labels be placed on the outside. I recently received a set that has a 2 inch label on the shirt, I looked at it and even if I tried to remove it, I am sure it will ruin the tee.This was just the kicker on this win... item was late,not as expected and a BIG label on the outside etc. I am so disappointed in this set that I have yet to show it to the little one.
I would love to see what others think , and possibly ask the sellers why don't they say that they attach labels on the outside?

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