Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A reader asks....

Where have all the YaYas Gone??

How active are You this time of year?
how does your group stack up against the rest??
  1. IvyLane still on top with 108 active auctions
  2. StudioE wows us with 74 auctions
  3. The uptown girls are goin Downtown with 64
  4. OdOd has 63 active auctions
  5. H2H is pluggin along with 60
  6. BellaLuna features 53 active auctions
  7. GalleryBay puts out 49 active auctions
  8. Pop!kids pops with 39
  9. 7 ave goes out on a stroll with 36
  10. Faeryhill flutters about with 34
  11. Betties are doing the Charleston with 33
  12. Lilyplum is plucking away with 28
  13. Here are the Yayas! tied with the Courtyard with 26
  14. The Jaynes are not so plain with 20
  15. ABStudios are moving up the list with 19
  16. SoBella You have 18
  17. Grannies kickin' it old school with 17
  18. The chicks are pecking their way along with 15
  19. The Little Darlas round up to an odd number of 13
  20. The clovergirls are feelin lucky with 7
These are active auctions and MAY include resells, and DOES exclude store items
Did I miss your group?
leave it in the comments!!

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