Friday, January 12, 2007

Just when we were feeling

All warm and fuzzy.....A reader writes..

A certain designer was unanimously voted into a design group, then suddenly removed from the group a day or two later because someone emailed the group leaders to tell them that their new member had a bad reputation. Why? Because she made custom initial T-shirts, which the emailer considered to be the exclusive domain of her friend. Initial tees have been around for a long time, and weren't invented by anyone on eBay, yet they seem to be trying to squelch the competition and establish a monopoly.

Isn't eBay big enough for everyone?

Yes Virginia Ebay should be big enough for everyone. The copying thing... My hotbutton. I used to really take it personally. After all. If you didn't think of it yourself what gives you the right to do what I am doing . Maybe you have dabbled in it offline and saw it being sold successfully online and decided to give it a whirl. It seemed like theft. Taking money out of my pocket. You are going after my customers. But because I thought of it doing it first on ebay....does that give me the right to do it exclusively?? I am no longer hot and cold on the issue, and sit on the fence. A concept developed by the mind, can come from many different sources. The first one to this party ,may not be the first one at all. Some where at some time it's been done before.

The secret to success is not to copy,
but be inspired to do it different, and do it better.

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