Friday, December 15, 2006

Gift giveaway # 14

Pam of dakota*designs was really great about donating her samples to our giveaway .!! here is the last....If you have a child wearing a 5T.

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In the book the Gingerbread man, why was he running away?

The answer to my last question was tough and there was really no correct answer, but many as one person said. This was really the best answer, not the quickest...

I'll bet you have a wide variety of answers on this one--and they're probably all correct--everything from the 7th century (when the fir tree was used to teach the Trinity) to the 12th century when it was used to hang upside sown from the ceilings to symbolize, again, the Trinity to 1510 when the first reports of trees actually decorated with candles and bakery from Latvia (MY kind of tree) began to circulate in Europe to 1612 when Marting LUther decorated a fir tree with candles (wonder if THEY were Underwriter Lab--UL-- approved!!).

Congrats to Judy in at 10:50 pm with one of the correct answers!!

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