Saturday, December 09, 2006

AMY BUTLER usage Update...

If you are a Tabberone follower...Amy Butler has been in "The Hall of Shame" Things have changed and the following letter has been sent out to all of her customers....

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to take you away from your business or studio time. I know how busy you are, but I wanted to talk with you personally about all that has transpired with my business over the past few months. It's been a whirlwind of controversy and unfortunately many negative rumors. If this activity has effected your life in any way, personally or professionally, please accept my apology. I am trying very hard right now to get the GOOD NEWS out there about the policy changes with my fabrics and their use. So many new rumors are building and hurting people, and that's what upsets me the most. I love what I do and I want everyone to be happy. I'm just a small business, not " the man " and I would never set out to do any harm to anyone or their businesses. I can just tell you my truth and I know you will interpret this as you need to and that's so ok. I just want us all to move forward, beyond all of this negativity and get back to doing what we love, sewing, crafting, running a business and for me, making art. I care about all of you very much. I feel connected to all of you either professionally or through your lovely emails telling how much you enjoy my fabrics and patterns. I thank all of you for being a part of my life.

If you could please pass on the good word in any way you can, I'd really appreciate it. If there are sewing and quilting posts you enjoy, please feel free to share my news. And please do not be angry with the folks who have said so many hurtful things, they're just human and trying to make sense of everything.

Here are some quick bullet point facts: ( I've also attached my letter that I'm posting on blogs and websites )

* My fabrics are totally available in any way that makes sense to you and that includes the fabrics are available wholesale to all manufacturers. I'll look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

* My fabrics are totally available to all other quilt and fabric designers for use in their books or patterns. I've never said otherwise, but a rumor has spread that I don't allow this. ( I'm sorry to those of you who heard this) I try to connect other designers directly with Westminster to get on their designer list so they can obtain some complimentary yardage for their projects. This benefits everyone. I just ask that designers give a little mention about where the fabric comes from that's all.

* I design vintage inspired fabric and I've added a link to my post on quilter's buzz that gives insight into my process.

* My sewing patterns are protected by copyright law and are intended for personal use. I think you will find all sewing patterns have a copyright statement and each company states it a little differently.

Thank you all for your time in reading my letters, I'm here if you have any questions for me or suggestions, comments, I'd like to help you in any way I can.

Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays,


"I hope my note finds everyone well, I wanted to write in hopes of clearing up a lot of misunderstanding. Thanks for taking time out to read my letter.

I have some positive changes on my web site faqs that I'm very happy to share! These changes have been in place for a few weeks but I don't think a lot of folks know about it yet . First I'd like to say how thankful I am that open forums like this exist where we can all talk to each other.

I know there has been a lot of continued concern about the use of my fabrics. I've received several emails and I want you to know that I care deeply about what my studio does and how it effects other people. It's been step by step, but I feel like we have finally landed in the place we need to be. I apologize that it's not been clear cut which is the unfortunate result of our trying to figure things out. Our previous faqs were about trying to keep the fabrics special for niche retailers and sewers. This was not decided with the fabric companies for financial gain, in actuality, a lot less fabric was sold. We were trying to prevent over-saturation in the market place among larger manufacturers. In the end these efforts proved to be too complicated. It's been a very significant and difficult learning process and I'm sorry that we did not respond faster.

I regret that our faqs have caused so much disruption and I am truly sorry for the difficulties this has caused. It was never my intention to harm anyone's business, and I mean this very sincerely. We try our best to make the right decisions, yet sometimes the best solutions remain elusive until you can see the whole picture.

Moving forward the good news is my fabrics are now completely available in any form that makes sense for you, and that includes being able to buy my fabrics wholesale for manufacturing.

I know the selvedge on my fabrics reads " for Non- Commercial Use Only " but that will be removed in future printings of my material. The " for Non Commercial Use Only " is not in effect, so it's totally ok to use those fabrics at any time. Please visit my web site to read the full faqs and if we've left any questions un-answered, please let me know, it's very important.

I also wanted to share my fabric design process and I've added a link to Quilter's Buzz so you can read all about it.

Please know that I want everyone to be successful and enjoy what they are doing. I'm continually flattered and humbled by the interest and enthusiasm in people working with the fabrics I design! There are no more roadblocks for any of us, and here's to moving forward in peace and doing what we all do best.

I wish everyone the greatest joy in their creative endeavors and business!
If I can answer any other questions for you, please write to me.

All My Best,
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