Friday, December 01, 2006


waiting to go up will go up soon Since blogger is updating things are wacky so when I can get on I will start the ads then sorry.for the delay..

I also removed the "Evileena OUTED" post. As things have progressed in a peaceful manner. Miss Evileena is still incognito. AND the comments on the post were going to the church, and since the breast feeding topic turned ugly at times, a debate on the bible and who is more christian, would probably blow it out of the water. As it was getting heated already. ON that subject I would have a hard time knowing who is going too far.

One more thought I would like to ponder. When you suspect I am protecting "certain people" I am Me, MYSELF, and I.

Do YOU all realize Christmas is in like 20 days!!!! BY the way the next time a phone solicitor calls you to tell you she can save you money on your mortgage with her low interest home equity line of credit.......Tell them what I do ....Tell them you have squirrels living in the attic and ask them if that would add to or lessen the value of the property?
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