Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Designer chat with Johnette--Sunshine*kisses!

Who taught you to sew?
I am self-taught. I wanted something different for my daughter to wear instead of the same old same old outfits you can buy in the mall. So off I went cutting fabric and sewing.
I have been going to classes to learn different techniques. My next technique I will be learning is smocking I am excited I have a fabulous lady to teach me who has been doing it for years :)
Any favorite sewing memories?
Every time I make my daughter a outfit she always hugs and kisses it this always makes all the hard work worth every minute of it.
How would you describe your style?
Fun Girly Comfortable and very pleasing to the eye.

What do you think about the ebay boutique community?

The Ebay Boutique Community is a fabulous thing to discover but it is hard at the same time to get your name out there. I have met some fantastic people that I call good friends now . There have been some ladies that have helped me so much and you know who you are I just want to say thanks again:)
Tell us about your new group.
I started a new launch group called IrisRue and there are some fantastic ladies who are members in the group and we are having a Launch Nov 9th with guests who are amazing designers:)
Fun fact about Johnett:
My husband takes all my pictures and edits them. I can not take good pictures LOL. He is a professional photographer so I guess I kinda cheat.
Hugs and thank you,

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