Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come and listen to a tale

There is this Big group
who have lots of members
some now in deep poop!

It all started here
with an anonymous blog
and a character name "evileena"
who's ramblin's left us in a fog.

Evileena who likes her gumbo
and her gaters too
Liked to post her opinions
about me and you.

Well some of her gumbo
got a little too spicy
her opinions salty
It starts to get dicey.

Some of the folks
who got a taste of her gumbo
got sick to their stomachs,
So they called on Columbo.

A trap was set
To catch this voodoo Mama
They think they caught her,
and they also got Osama.

A post was made
the popcorn was poppin
The accusations were flying
The denials Hoppin.

The unsubbing commenced
the lines are drawn,
You could've read for yourself
But the posts are all gone.

The blacklist I am afraid
is growing by the minute.
what will happen next.
How will "they " spin it?

My paintbrush awaits me
I am off to work.
But I will leave you some links,
so you dont think I am a jerk!!
BY shelly Pint

The links sent in to me are as follows

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