Monday, October 16, 2006

Well I am having palpitations over this one.

I got a tip today about a new group
but it was an old group
and I was duped into including it in a fun feature I like to do
"NEW groups alert."

Hence the removal of the group from the post.
Guess I need to do my homework a little better, lest I once again be labled a pot stirring trouble maker.
Gosh, who knew the blog would once again be used as a pawn in a trolls game?
and that I would get a butt chewing from yet another
ebay member who blames me, (its always MY fault your group is troubled. I dont know how I do it? ) for the troubles her poor group is suffering from all the attention it got. Seriously c'mon who names themselves
"The beotches" to be incognito.?? Is it really anonimity you want.?
Change the name . Really it's obvious.

I dont know who this group is , what members it consists of, or why they have obvious enemies. I only posted the fact the group exists, and pondered the correct spelling of their group name, which I found out my sons says is "Biatches"

But seriously if you have trolls and you want some peace from them go to yahoo or something...give yourself a name like "the sparkly angels" I guarantee you if you do that all your problems will be gone. It really is that easy!

To the trolls who send in tips to the blog..Please send my paypal $10 month for my blood pressure medicine.

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