Monday, October 02, 2006

Top 5 girls sellers

for the second half of September
are....drum roll please

  1. emi*original leaves us breathless and her in number one with this dramatic red holiday dress.
  2. Speedystitches gets here with this black 4 pc witch ensemble
  3. Cutie*patoodie wows us with this 40 pc mom's bracelet making it to number 3
  4. mudpiesnpigtails always a step ahead of the rest with her funky style hits it with a funky ginigerbread man
  5. last but not least is dandelionave pays homeage to raggedy Ann and Andy with an adorable appliqued / smocked set.
Props to Emi*original. This beautiful garment will leave you impressed and breathless. Some lesser known names are in the top 5 this time, fun to see the big prices spread around. The nostalgic raggedy twins always popular Thanks to One heck of a bracelet Cutie*patoodie puts jewlery in the top 5 and that is fantastic!! Leave it to Michele to make the gingerbread man trendy fun. and funky.
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