Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This years Hottest costumes........

"Expect princesses and pirates this Halloween.
The top five children's costumes in the order of popularity are: princess, pirate, witch, Spider Man and Superman.
The top five adult costumes are: witch, pirate, vampire, cat and clown.
This year's most popular costumes for children and adults were announced by the National Retail Federation.
Halloween is the second most popular decorating holiday after Christmas. And, according to the federation, consumers are expected to spend $4.96 billion this Halloween, increasing significantly from last year's spending on $3.29 billion."
I searched Boutique costume and found 1634 completed items.

The top 5 costume SELLERS for the past 2 weeks are.....
  1. a lil-divaduds Renaissance creation here
  2. Monalisaboutique Pink Punk incredible as usual click here
  3. o6bananas Princess.... beautiful click here
  4. speedystitches did witches everywhere proud click here
  5. sugarbelle desings blue butterfly is stunning. click here
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