Thursday, October 19, 2006

Revisiting the Blacklist

There really isnt an actual Blacklist that I know of. The blacklist exists by word of mouth, This boutique community is so intertwined that when YOU tell ONE you tell many. I am a group leader that Has to admit OUR group has removed people on the "black list." In hopes to protect the sales of those innocent fellow group members who would be associated with the "suspected wrong doer" via the groups keywords. Because REALLY isnt that what it is ALL ABOUT?? THE SALES....OTHERWISE WOULD WE BE HERE.? I am not proud of removing them and IT was hard decision. ( do unto others) well if they never did unto me do I have the right? Yet leaving the people in the group because they never did wrong to US mean we condone their behavior. ?? We wouldn't But could it be perceived as that and does it affect the sales of the rest of the GROUP?? Is it that fear and DO the buyers really care??? What happens to the blacklistee?? I know of several people who have actually left ebay because of Blacklisting IS THAT RIGHT? SEEMS awful Harsh. It's the things that keep me up at night WHAT IS RIGHT?? I know I am not the only group leader that has had to deal with this. But honest enough to say it happens. SO what is the best way to handle it or is there one?????
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