Friday, October 20, 2006

New GROUP Making tracks

1. BD Boutique members must possess design quality and professional presentations. Pictures taken on mannequins, on the floor or on hangers are not permitted. Clean Dress form mannequins are acceptable, but live models are preferred. "UH OH I joined this group today I use a hanger. NOT a trashy wire hanger BUT the dreaded plastic. Well I suppose I better beat feet to their board and confess."

2. BD Boutique members must design and sell for business either part or full-time.

3. Lurking is welcome; however, ALL members are required to check-in and post at least once per 30 days.

4. Putting the keywords BD Boutique is required for only one of your Custom Handcrafted auctions each time you list.

5. Members must keep a clean feedback record.

6. A professional looking About Me page is required.

7. Members are welcome to participate in all other groups.

8. Please sign up and participate in the BD Boutique Buyers Group. (a separate group) Many top buyers & customers have signed up & check our spam & auctions here!

Please follow these simple guidelines to continue your membership ;
Thank-You! and click here
Bonnie & BD Boutique Moderators
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
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