Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It is really hard to write in this blog tonight. I just got my electricity back after a storm. Took a drive in the middle of the night to think, listen to tunes, kill time til the lights come on. I love to drive at night. You get the chance to see alot more than you would in the daytime. Like a litter of raccons playing in a puddle in the middle of (what is a normally busy street,) alot of deer. You know stuff like that. The nightlife. The last thing I heard on the news, before the cable went out, was an interview with the midwife who delivered one of dead amish girls, killed in the school shooting. A 7 year old. She remembered her parents the day she was born. She said they were "just tickled." to have that little girl. I cant stop thinking about them.
The empty beds, the broken hearts. Those little girls all alone with that monster. So innocent they didn't even know what a gun was. My Dad lives amongst the Amish. They help them run their errands, and such. The Amish give them eggs, and chickens in trade. It is very peaceful up there. I love hearing the clip clop of the hooves on the pavement when one of their buggies pass by. Could you think of a more innocent place to raise your kids,in the country without the influences of the outside world. But the perverse in our society find a way to permeat every square inch of our country. Taking innocent lives for their selfish sick pleasure. There is no place to go to get away from it. What, why is it happening? What can we do? It is a sad state this county is in and it seems to be getting worse. is just very, very scary and sad.
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