Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am very excited to Introduce you to

Beth of

will be doing designer interviews for the blog.
She has been doing graphics for 15 years, about 18 months on ebay. She does auction templates, store fronts, me pages, flash logos, photo editing.
She used to be a graphics designer/technical writer in the automotive industry in Detroit, and worked for Chrysler for 5 years.
They moved to Holland in 2003, her husband's job brought them here, hence the name the*pink*tulip.
"I love doing graphic design, it keeps my sanity intact living in a foreign country."My daughter Alexa is 3.5. I have two step children in their teens. I am a member and mod of the materialgirls, and a mod at the TBQ.
Look for her first interview very soon!!

BTW if any of you are interested in doing an interview with Beth Please contact her.

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