Monday, October 16, 2006

Designer "X" unveiled

The Interview
Why did you start this blog?? Well it was something I have thought about doing for some time. Everytime I would talk to an ebay friend I would say Ya know I wish there was one place I could read all about this like a daily newspaper.
What was your intention? My intention for the blog was make it like your hometown newspaper. Since we are essentially all working in the same place. This is like a big community work place. Thought it would be fun to do that. You know like Gladys baked a pie today. Gertrude hung her clothes on the line. YOU know Yada yada. But the bad too Harold was arrested for DUI.
What is with the top ten lists? Why highlight the top sellers? same as above for fun. For inspiration. I am inspired by seeing successful people "Doing it. Succeeding" Get inspired to find your niche and excel at it. Plus I always like looking at the top ten music lists etc. I like seeing where the different sellers are in the scheme of things, thought others would too.
Have things turned out that way? At first it was very fun. You should be able to report the comings and goings of people without having to have all the nastiness. I see things differently than others and I don't go to the places a lot of people do. In other words I try to see the humor in things rather than the negative. In fact have even poked fun at myself many times on this blog. BUT.......sometimes people...
What has changed? The blog has several trolls. Some are very ill. In fact they make me ill. My stomach turns everytime I read something from them in the comments section, which is everyday. I also feel very sorry for them that their lives are so full of anger. I honestly did not see that happening.
Many people say YOU enjoy all this drama. NO I don't. In fact if you ask the people who know me they will tell you I have really removed myself from the whole boutique community and really creating as well. I am really having a hard time creatively with all this nastiness being posted in the comments. It gets under your skin. You start to wonder who is this nasty.? Do I know them? Are they in my group?
BUT aren't YOU responsible for what is printed on this blog? YES I am. I have to admit I have made some mistakes.
I am not privy to every transaction on ebay nor can I keep up with all the id changes. There are thousands, so private dirty laundry gets aired that really only the poster and recipient are privy to. So I really am oblivious to what message is being conveyed. In my effort to let people voice an opinion, I err. I guess in my life this is the way it is. I will tell you how I feel , and you tell me how you feel ....then lets agree to disagree and move on. I don't dislike you if your opinion is different than mine. I find the differences in people to be what makes the world go around.
WHY the anonymous Nomenclature? I truly wanted to remain unbiased. Be able to feature the "name brands" as well as the "newbs" Some people say it is so I can trash people and not commit ebay "suicide" well You can look over the entire blog and see I have never "trashed" anyone on this blog. Nor would I do that.
Who is Evileena? I do not know. I really think some things never need to be known LOL whoever she is good or bad. She makes things interesting. when I can decipher the code.
What about the incident with a known seller and sheets.? I don't know her. Personally I really admire the creativity in people. That seller as well. If there is a seller using an unconventional fabric source, or coming up with a new way to use overalls whatever I am LOVIN' that! Bedspreads tablecloths YEAH even toilet seat covers. IT takes a creative mind and that is Cool! So my thoughts were WOW so that's where the fabric comes from, thought everyone felt the same way when I posted the comments and maybe they did. BUT the people who think nasty, always see things that way hence the attack on me.
Ah yes were you hurt by the comment that "not everyone worships you?" NO I was surprised I was like "People worship me??" LOL that was cool. so funny. Still laughing. It was ridiculis
What has backfired about the anonymity? Uh something I did not see happening. I have posted things for people as favors. Things that have been a personal nightmare for me. In the end . Not worth it for the blog. Not worth it for me.
Why the Sale? I was just so fed up with all the nastyness I wanted out and thought if the blog were sold the person taking it would do what they could to keep it going is they paid for it. It has been a lot of work I was naive enough to think a new blogger would be like a breath of fresh air. .
So did the blog ever change hands? I tried to start the rumor so people would think it had changed. I had offers and I really did study it. BUT I have HOURS into this blog very hard to just give it away.
What gets sent in we don't see? Oh Lots. posts about boys in girls clothing. LOTS of copyist auctions. Auctions that have subpar clothing uneven seams etc, and this is not sent from the seller. Things meant to be mean . Lot of personal stuff all gets deleted.
What do you say to the person who said You have caused the drama in the boutique community.? I say I don't. This drama was here when I got here, in fact worse. If I close up shop and leave it will still be here. (I don't do it for financial gain either. That comment was ridicules.) My own sales are down over 50% since I started this . There is only so many hours in a day. The blog always gets priority
What do you think of the eBay community? I think it is an excellent place to make extra money, make friends. This is my opinion I think Moms should be at home with the kiddies for as long as need be. Most families cant spare that second income. Online sales has been one of the best things to come along for making that extra money. As for the community...Our population is like a small town, this is our workplace. With real people. The rest comes with it. The gossip, the backstabbing, the turnover. Even a few lesbians.
The only thing I can think of that we don't have, that all of these other places do is the illicit affair. At least not that I know of.
What don't you like?.
The people who accuse others of copying them, when their design isn't original either. Drives me banana sandwich. The groups who claim to be drama free, but their members are the first on the big boards when controversy arises. The Jealousy. To those of you with that problem seek counseling. It is eating you alive. I read it in your comments everyday YOU are hurting.
What about you is interesting?? Hmmm . When the dentist capped my tooth, they let me paint a rose on it. So now I have a permanent rose tattooed on my eye tooth. My tooth tattoo.
Will we ever know who you are?? Who are you? I am here
What will happen to the blog now that you are no longer anonymous? Nothing. It will continue as long as there are readers. . I will continue to write it . Post the ads for freebies to the buyers. AND let people comment same as it ever was same as it ever was SAME as IT ever was.........(talking heads)
Why are you coming out now? Bored, want to write about different things, I cant and remain anonymous. I can be more creative and free with the blog.
Where are you on the weekends? Making money. I have to make a living or I will be job hunting. So says the Grand pubah of the family. So I am off doing shows.
Now that we all know who you are....Do you regret doing the blog? Or did you benefit because of it.? I don't regret it all, I had an idea I followed thru with. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I have not experienced any benefits from doing the blog, and never asked for any. Actually has not been good for my personal ebay business, or my group WDAS . I have had a hard time getting time to make anything to sell. No time for groups no time for anything. I don't know what else. Time will tell I suppose. BUT I as well as many others who advertise on this site do appreciate the 6-900 readers who daily come here to read about whatever happens to be posted for the day.

So keep sending in the gossip, the freebie ads, YOUR jokes, your questions.
I am moving forward. Nice to meet you.

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