Monday, October 02, 2006

Back by popular demand

How our design groups are doing in the competitive scheme of things.

The top 5 groups according to auction sales
(highest sales, overall quantity)
  1. StudioE
  2. IvyLane
  3. the yayas
  4. ODOD
  5. H2H
The top 5 groups according to auction averages
(average sale price, )

  1. Clovergirls
  2. ivylane
  3. H2H
  4. The Grannies
  5. StudioE
The busiest 5 groups
(most listed auctions listed busiest members)
  1. StudioE
  2. odod
  3. gallerybay
  4. H2H
  5. ivylane
Are you NOT surprised to see StudioE still the number one group on ebay. In fact they were ahead of the next group by over $1000. They are also the busiest design group on ebay Selling is their game. Ivylane has stayed the course after their reorganization and done very well.. A few high profile sellers always keeps the grannies somewhere in the top 5 for average sales. The newest group in the countdown, is the clovergirls, goes to show small does not mean insignificant. They may not list alot, BUT what they do sells well. How did the the next 5 groups do?? check them out
should be 6-10

  1. Gallerybay
  2. Lilyplum
  3. The chicks
  4. The Threadin betties
  5. The clovergirls
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