Friday, September 15, 2006

The top ten sellers of custom boutique!!

  1. NZBUG lands herself in the number one and number two with Pistachio POP!
  2. This spot with English countryside/ Prairie Chic pictured to the right
  3. twolittle*angels did a custom set that lands her in the number three spot
  4. "Lady and the Tramp" sweep up number four for Sweetbettyco.
  5. Little*blue*duck of the Sandlot Puts a boys set at number 5 a must see cowboy costume
  6. My_Sweet_chic takes a chance with "Lola and Lili" landing her in the top ten!
  7. a custom set puts Sweetteaboutique here at number 7
  8. Thecharmedchild has charmed us with her peppermint twist set Yummy!
  9. This Pirate Jean Jacket Puts Mudpiesnpigtails on the Map!
  10. and last BUT not least!!!!!!!! KCpuppygirl brings us into Christmas with her red and white festive Minnie set.
Well there it is the top ten custom boutique for the last 2 weeks!! Proving that the Ateam is alive and well in custom applique, many of their stars shining brightly this month. Bringing us lots of children's favorites, and Christmas in September . But the star shining the brightest this month is a member of
Lilyplum NZBUG shows off her tradition European country style ...For a well deserved place in the number one and two spots!!
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
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