Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The top 5 painted and handpainted clothing auctions

The top 5 painted
  1. Painted Thanksgiving by Dakota*designs lands in our number one spot
  2. Placing in number 2 we have Boutiqueprincessnbows Pick your princess
  3. Pirates influence the buyers this season and take the number 3 spot in this countdown
  4. Painted*patooties is number 4 with her contribution to Boutique Angels
  5. last but not least Leeziebee does it again placing 2x in the top 5 with this painted tiedyeset
Now I noticed there is a difference in search terms so I am doing the op 5 in the handpainted list
  1. Lori4374 is in the number one spot with her painted minnie mouse set
  2. She also lands in the number 2 spot with her bumble bee 2 pc set.
  3. Ashkatedesigns in a collaberation with Tortoise and hare are number 3 in this countdown
  4. Carabella*grace with her sunflower denim set
  5. Doodlebugz Boutique chooses a Halloween set to get her place in the top 5 spot.
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