Thursday, September 28, 2006

A thump in the night

I loved this story... From Sally

Last night around 10:00, I heard a loud thump from upstairs. It sounded as if one of the boys had fallen out of bed, so I went upstairs to check. Evan was sound asleep in bed, so I checked Robby's room. He also was sound asleep, but his desk lamp was on the floor.

When I picked up the lamp, I discovered that there was a thread caught on it, which was coming from Robby's bed. I tried to break the thread, but couldn't. I went and got a pair of scissors to cut the thread from his blanket. It was then that I realized that it was attached to a wrist band around Robby's wrist. I cut it off from the wrist band, and found that the other end had been tied securely around the neck of the lamp. Cutting it free from the lamp, I gathered up the thread and discovered a plastic sandwich bag tied in the thread.

After leaving his room and getting out into the light, I looked at the sandwich bag and saw a tooth in it. Robby had set a trap for the tooth fairy! The fairy was supposed to pull on the string, causing the lamp to fall and wake Robby up! The string that I couldn't break was, of course, dental floss.

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