Friday, September 29, 2006


A couple things.......
First...I do not know where the comments are going when I moderate them. They are just lumped together in a row on a page. Recently some comments, with the same subject manner, I thought were going to one post were actually going to another. I removed those comments and the post.

.... I love seeing your favorites....readers favorite. You must get permission from the seller before sending the auction in. Forward a permission email There is at least One group in our community of ebay boutique of hundreds of groups.... that does not want anything to do with this blog . So I respect their wishes and will not publish anything related to this group..I am bringing it up as I have gotten 3 submissions from readers today for this group. If your son or daughter is modeling for a designer and you submit a picture and the auction be sure to have permission as I have been scolded recently for publishing a picture and announcement , that was not cool with the seller. SO when you dont see what you sent in published this could be why.
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