Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just some random observations...

To the seller(s) still using chenille,
It is not coming back. I know you're sad because you still have totes full the stuff(I do too), but's not coming back. Just step away from the fringe and the hobnail and eat some chocolate or something. Or come over here and we can have a good cry, but have to let it go.

To those of you---how can I say this in a nice way---where being creative is your talent and taking pictures is not,
Make sure we can see the outfit. It doesn't have to look like a layout for Vogue.
Just concentrate on making the set look as good as possible. Repeat after is my is my friend. Cropping is also not as scary as you think..try it...I bet you'll love it. And please insert pictures into your auctions that are larger than a postage stamp. I can't see what you're selling and I really really want to.

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