Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I was just informed..via email..

YOU can't be designer X
The blog can't be sold. It is against the blogspot rules.
SO seriously I didn't see this happening
Your stuck with me. Sorry for all the hoopla.
It never occured to me. Is my face red?
Unless I give the blog away to someone, in a contest or something.
Hmmmm This is a quandry.
I do think I be needin' some of 'ole Evileena's gumbo
I'll be right down to sit a spell,
not spicy but I do believe I could benefit from the spirits, help me grow some of that thick alligator skin "missknowitall" thinks I am lacking..
Miss know it all .......will you marry me?

Well One good thing I can still carry out my Halloween plans for the blog.
Thats cool.
"Miss know it all" you will probably want to change your entry in your blog.
well bloggers I am going to go get my garage sale stuff ready, will list your features tonight when I get home. I am kind of relieved I have really been worried the blog may not go to a good home. Again I apologize for the inconvenience.
Remember Keep passing the open windows.

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