Friday, August 18, 2006

"Wild child full of grace" Jim Morrison

Here are a list of a few more of our favorites
aka people who have code in their auctions that keep us from lifting their pictures
or I am taking too long with this and want to get it done sooner.
does that make me lazy?

Fun crocheted Jack o Lantern booties! From lola*belle
Petuniaplum is selling this adorable crocheted Pumpkin hat . Got a lil punkin head?

a festive orange purse is the answer to the rainy fall doldrums Torrilynn123 is topnotch
trendy-tatters knows just the right trinkets to add to a Halloween bracelet

Dandithings does a Dandy job on her template work and you will want this template

scroll down to check out the rest of our Friday faves!!

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