Friday, August 11, 2006

A NEW group DESIGN project

This new group is being started and led by one of EBAYS most innovative, creativeand talented designers. She probably doesnt know this but I am a big fan Sophisticated*kids
here are the details on this new group!

The goal is to develop a network of designers, seamstress, tailors, pattern drafters to assist others in maximizing and stimulating their creative potential in fashion design. The goal is to assist in the pattern developing. This is not a how to sew.

I’m looking for some designers who are familiar with pattern making/manipulations and/or draping. Looking for those that know how to take a straight skirt and make it really flair, how to make a simple gathered sleeve into a huge puff sleeve, how to create a pleated skirt. Can you start a design by draping on a mannequin? Do you know how to grade a pattern? Are you willing to share your knowledge? Your knowledge could be from formal training or years of experience.

Do you love the art of designing? Do you challenge yourself? This is for the love of design, of playing with shapes and creating looks and creating challenging ideas and concepts. This is not for a design group, or launches nor how-to-sew. It’s just how you develop and create your own ideas and helping someone else do the same.

  1. I’m looking for designers that would like assistance in developing their designs

  2. Would you like to better understand why a pattern piece looks the way it does?

  3. Like to understand why your attempt at a design didn’t work?

  4. have a design you would like do develop

  5. I want to make my things look different from others – if I just knew how.

  6. I need to understand how to grade my patterns so I can make a size 2 into a size 4.

  7. If someone could explain this, I know I could do it.
  8. Hey, I know a lot, I could help.
  9. Hey, I know a little, I could help.

Please note: This is not a how to sew. This is not setting sewing standards such as pinking vs serging vs French seam. This is to take you to another area – How to make the pattern for you to sew.

You can email me at designproject at or ASQ or go to
The group page and request an invite. Please let me know if you want to learn or believe you can help/teach. I would like to make sure there is enough of a balance of designers to help before I will respond to requests.

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