Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Big Bar B Q bash of the year

Has come and gone. Time to recoup and put together my thoughts and write a little poem about the experience.

The BDB bar B que
was held on Saturday
As many who were able
Made the trip okay.

It was also Grandpas's birthday
He had the biggest cake
He deserved it, 80 some years young
It gave my heart a little ache.

Rachel Culp stopped by,
In town to visit her brother.
Walked in with her stitched up pants,
And wowed us like no other.

Sue was there, who knew she was Blonde?
her name tag ever changing.
She clearly didn't want to get wet.
Even among all the wageing.

The bouncing thing they got for the kids
Had to be turned around.
It forced the kids into the street,
which is NOT a safe playground.

The king Kong ride we were all waiting for
Never made it down the street
The bouncy thing was in the way
It would have been fun , it looked pretty neat.

Barbie was supposed to get married,
that night at the bar B que
But she almost caught herself on fire
we didnt expect that Snafu!

As I was leaving the party,
The girls were trying to decide.
How to crash a Manhatten fashion show,
I wonder if they ever got inside.

I had a blast I will be back next year
It was really too much fun,
You can bring your kids, and their Dad's
Even if he has a bunion!!

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