Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ask designer X

What is a designer??
one that designs : as a : one who creates and often executes plans for a project or structure designers> designer> b : one that creates and manufactures a new product style or design; especially : one who designs and manufactures high-fashion clothing

What does that mean? Are you a designer if you put an outfit together?? Seems that falls into the planning and execution of said completed dress or what have you.. Regardless of
where the pattern came from. IS the planning and plotting of the fabric choices enough to be considered a designer?? I would say YES.

What is a Seamstress?? a woman whose occupation is sewing. Why is seamstress such a dirty word in the boutique community? Are some of us designers, and some seamstress's? Yes some are.

"Seams" to me the majority of us do actually fit in the Designer category. However there are several very talented designers in our community who design the whole thing, Pattern and all. BUT yes back to the question, just the aspect of choosing fabrics and planning your projects will most likely land you in designers seat.
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