Sunday, July 30, 2006

FAQ for the blog readers

Why didn't you post my feature??

I get around 99-150 emails a day if your link doesnt work, your attachment corrupted or there is alot for me to read thru and lots of links. They get put on the back burner until I have time to email you or get all the links myself.

Why are you posting mean comments?? First of all some comments don't seem as mean to me as they do to other people, since I dont know who is being refferred to. Alot of names are mentioned and it sounds nice when I read it and then when I see the context it was left I go UH OH! realized it was meant as sarcasm, or mean. I get the comments all in one section they don't say which post is getting commented on, I publish, then I have to go thru all the
posts and see who is saying what and then I delete from there, if it looks bad it gets deleted.
Some stuff is way over my head.

Why do you let people rip designers.? I don't like that. BUT People who send things in to this blog know what the score is and they know the potential is there for comments. If it sounds like an opinion and not a slam it will get posted. for instance. I will not post something that says "my 3 yr old can do better than that" BUT I might post "I dont care for the color, but I think she is very talented" I have questioned a few designers when they have sent something in, letting them know what might transpire and they have said "I'm a big girl" or "Bring it on." Madonna didn't get to be the legend she is without the controversy. A little controversy can bring alot of attention to someone. A little controversy typically spices up the reading a little too. When it starts to get mean and nasty then It has to go.

I posted recently my post isnt showing up so i posted again and again why? And it might not show up I am reading them all before they get to the public. I read them several times thoughout the day If you dont see it by the next day IT is in the trash.

If you posted today and you posted 4-6 times, and none of them have shown up...I been pondering on those comments all day. You have refferred to another business in your comments and I am afraid what you are trying to do will come back to backfire on the business you are in support of. As I believe you will open up a firestorm of unhappy campers who have been there, done that or been rejected. For the sake of the business you mention I am not going to post all those comments.
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