Wednesday, June 07, 2006

YOU can't sell....

If they don't know you are there!! Advertise!!! BUT on limited funds what is a "momprenuer" to do!?! I have gone thru several sites, gathered some information about each of them and here are my results!! I am ranking them from 1-10 The number one site being the most attended. I was also able to gather other stats about each site to help with your decision
1. The shoppes at Celebrity baby blog as seen on VHI
The ads are a tad spendy, But this is s high traffic blog, Ranks very high. Users of this site are up 23% pageviews are up 17%.
This site is a 5 star site and ranks very high. users are up 215% and pageviews are up 36%
VERY affordable ads.
High traffic on this site also puts it at 5 stars. Affordable ads, users for the site is up 62%
4.Auction add ons
Auction swap very affordable $5 and they even have a banner design service for those of you who are PSP challenged. The users of this site is up19%.
Who doesnt know about Practice board?? Users are down 24% But they still rank above average for traffic and it is hard to beat $14.99 for a rotating monthly banner.
An online ezine devoted to ebay boutique users for this site are up 33% and page views are up 51%.
This is a newer site but gaining traffic daily. So new there are no rankings for it, BUT it is doing well in the traffic department. Cheap monthly advertising.
8. Boutiquecafe
Newer site, podcasts. User traffic is up 114% for the past 3 mos, and the page views up 13%.
9. Chic mommy shoppes
This site has ads, and feature ads, all boutique related. Users are up167% BUt page views are down 27% However inexpensive advertising is the awesome attraction.
10. add your site to the many WAHM vote sites....Like this one...Its free.
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............