Sunday, June 25, 2006

THeeee Top TEN

sorry no links this week my computer kept crashing
This is the top 10, out of 6813 completed custom boutique girls apparel Auctions.

  1. Mamapatrice take the number one spot this week with Pocket full of posies
  2. and the number two spot for another pocket full of posies. Good Job!!
  3. bellabebeco hit it big with her 1st anniversay celebration
  4. **cutie**pie hits the number four spot with her 3 4 pc sets
  5. Boutique star SRANN is number five with her lavender euro set
  6. Sweet feet boutique hits it with Vanilla sensations
  7. wow my fave this week is from lexibean*designs "sweetly poetic"
  8. Chenillecocoloka slides in to number with a private auction..must see
  9. OJ crush takes this spot from another ebay star NZbug
  10. Staceystuffclothing is going animal at the zoo in this auction

The top ten Boys custom apparel auctions out of 567 completed.

  1. little*blue*duck's not too shabby takes the number one spot.
  2. Hitchin a ride , from pricesstomato for the Grannies
  3. Caterillar*creations takes the number three spot with a custom surprise
  4. the*clown*prince hit number four with a vengeance doingpetroglyph's.
  5. the*polka*dot*frog made it in the top ten with her cars VrooM boys set
  6. comes in with a total boys treehouse set "lazydays"
  7. a Private auction by littlestitchesboytique
  8. little*blue*duck gets down and dirty in this auction for the eight spot
  9. A unique 7 pc boys beach set from kori*s-closet makes it in the top ten
  10. number 10 goes to blueandpinkpolkeedotdesigns.

The top 5 design group sales from $3999-$7000
I call the super groups
  1. Studioe
  2. Odod
  3. LilyPlum
  4. Gallerybay
  5. Ivylane
The top 10 design groups from $3998.00 and under
  1. The Jaynes
  2. H2H
  3. Yaya's
  4. xoxoboutique
  5. 7th ave
  6. The Betties
  7. Thechicks
  8. Abbeyroad
  9. Grannies
  10. A2BB

The top ten averages
  1. Lilyplum
  2. studioe
  3. ivylane
  4. h2h
  5. Jaynes
  6. Gallerybay
  7. xox
  8. yayas
  9. Betties
  10. ODOD

Well that is this weeks top ten! We have lots of new names in the Girls custom apparel
as well as for the boys. Nice to see the dollars get spread around to as many as possible! Lilyplums sensation launch brought out a lot of outstanding sets.
StudioE back at number one BUT by a hair with odod within $100 behind in the number 2 spot
will odod climb the ladder to number one next time?? HMMM I split the groups this week to include more of them
The super groups whose sales go over $4000 and then the rest under that. Culminating with the top averages.
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