Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spring cleaning was LAST month

I got a rant from someone today I will call Karen!! She has gotten 3 emails this WEEK stating that a buyer/seller group she was a part of were cleaning house....IT is SUMMER!! For crying out LOUD people have lives and they like to enjoy them, without fearing reprisal from a group leader with a jittery finger on the unsubb button!!

Karen says"
Now, when did we designers become objects we dust, to be swept away, vacuumed up, swished into a pail, or just plain wiped out? There's one thing the boutique community doesn't seem to get--we are all customers, here. We don't wish to be treated as dust bunnies who live in fear of getting mercilessly wiped off of boards because we haven't checked in lately. Would you take a customer off your mailing list because she hasn't purchased from you for awhile? No!
Some of us are having babies. Some of us are traveling, taking care of sick parents, doing the yardwork for our out-of-town husbands, catching up on the laundry--and, oh yes! We are running our businesses and design groups! (Or writing a blog designer x adds) While I understand the need to keep the boards running smoothly, I don't really see the need to announce to everyone that they are about to be objectified into a tiny piece of mouldering waste that needs to be disposed of."
I have heard this many times over the last few years......... food for thought!
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