Monday, June 19, 2006

Okay here we go!!

Again I think My strange sense of humor has confused a few folks out there. In regards to the Boutique customs Mini Mall game where contestants volunteer to be hunted. This sentence
"You have not been hunted until you have hunted Man." Is a line from a television show (or movie) about a hunting camp where you could pay to hunt people. Kidnapped people.( not cool I know) But the line fit.

So when I got the email "Do you want to be hunted" I guess I usually print the first thing to pop in my head. MOST of the time. You are at the mercy of my unusual knack for retaining the odd in my memory. So to the Mini mall people I hope it has not caused you undo stress this is a great group very organized. and fun with a leader who is alway trying to make things fun...I would really encourage membership!!!

so if you see something odd in a post just know it was the odd blogger.
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