Sunday, June 11, 2006

New to the "Crew"

Candi ~ candis*creations to ODOD & ODOD Crew
Candi has been designing and selling on ebay for 3 1/2 years now. Her specialty is boys' and girls' overalls. She also does sets, chenille bibs, and an occasional quilt.

Trina ~ Jophies_Jungle to ODOD Crew
Trina has been designing children's' Jewelry for 3 1/2 years with her main focus being on the boys. She welcomes customs, enjoys matching your boutique sets and will gladly work with you on any ideas that you might have.

Tanya ~ bug*n*belle to ODOD & ODOD Crew
Tanya has been designing and selling on ebay for just over two years. She started with some awesome baby products then branched over into custom clothing. Look for both boy and girl designs as she has two Bugs and one Belle to clothe.

Sarah ~ Soda*Pop*Kidz to ODOD Crew
Sarah is a mom to 4 -- 2 girls and 2 very active boys. She began creating designs for ebay about 2yrs ago, selling OOAK sets for older girls, but now designs solely for your very active boys.

Jill ~ dreams_by_design to ODOD & ODOD Crew
Jill has been designing on Ebay for three years now. She loves to do appliqued sets for little girls. She is also very excited to have just started a brand new boys line..."The Pup Pound". She has had great fun designing for girls and now boys!

Heidi ~ zane1017 to ODOD Crew
Heidi has been selling on Ebay for approx 1 1/2 years. She is the mother of two boys...Zane who is 4 and Tate who is 2. She makes all boys custom boutique clothing.

Arianne ~ jzeppelin toODOD Crew
Arianne lists under the brand name Bananable with darling all-boy designs! Very unique and full of style! She is in the middle of a major move and will be listing customs again in July.
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