Friday, June 02, 2006

Hard to believe

Its been almost 4 years since Boutique sellers united and the first design group opened up their yahoo account called Odod. Creating a wave of tsunami proportions. ODOD was created in the summer of 2002, pronounced (OH-dod) stands for Original Designs Original Designers ,they were able to retain the title of ONLY group for several weeks that summer 2002.
Some of the members of that pioneer group were
  1. srann
  2. josiekatstrunk
  3. hayleypeyton
  4. forgottendreams
  5. raw-bee
  6. creambunkids
  7. jzcustoms
  8. HappyChickclothing
  9. babygassygooma
Then toward the end of summer along comes another group of boutique sellers, wanting to give the first group a little competition, they were known as the infamous "Stitchinchicks" there were 13 founding members of that group..
  1. mhiley
  2. pumkinlittle
  3. heathiemcbean
  4. halfpintcreations
  5. Gingerbreadplace
  6. my_sweet_chic
  7. barefootfairycreations
  8. Cottagecloset
  9. babygoretro
  10. sewingtreasures
  11. littlepuddleduck
  12. kqc
  13. Angel_wings_boutique
Tortoise*and*hare*clothier, was added a few months into the beginning as well as a few others. With only a few groups and lots of designers, many other groups formed.. There was DDD
Darling Diva Designs. Notable member in that group being Sue, Adorable duds, Brittany of Lil*buckaroos, started the queen bees, "Servane" was a member of this group, as well as PrincessTomato.... other sellers started other the following summer there were well over a dozen groups. Bringing us now close to 100 groups.

It is interesting to see how many successful groups have emerged from those 2 original groups.
The Clover girls, Gallerybay, StudioE, The Not so plain Jaynes, WDAS....I am sure I have forgotten someone somewhere... Where one bright idea is born, comes many more...

Once a pioneer always a pioneer! Odod continued on creating many firsts, the first to do
a group theme launch, the first to add accessories, and Now the first group to diversify into departments ie ODODtoo for accessories and ODOD crew. Expanding their brand, and raising the bar. So next time you do a search for your favorite group and wonder how it all began. You have that tidbit of group history..

I apologize for forgetting anyone we consulted and concurred coming up with the best info we could muster
if you know of any we forgot add them in the comment section.

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