Monday, June 12, 2006

Gotta love this one

Generosity is
the only prerequisite!

We are here to spread the
LOVE of the Boutique

Do you need some good Boutique carma?

Did someone brighten your day today?

Then brighten someone else's.

fabric, trims, thread, outfits, patterns, yarn, bows, ribbon,
digi scrapbook items,listing templates, logos or anything related to the


The Boutique World is a big place, and there is plenty of LOVE to go around.
Snag a great idea, outfit or a little something extra.

Just remember if you snag something, you are required to post something as well.

It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............