Sunday, June 11, 2006

DrumRoLL Please!

Its time for the top TEN!! For the first 2 weeks of June
  1. **cutie**pie** custom surprise
  2. staceystuffclothing Chocolate cherry dessert
  3. Daruca PUNK'D romper
  4. Srann rhinestone twirl
  5. Srann Flip flop Euro twirl
  6. thecharmedchild with her princess Arial set
  7. MudpiesNpigtails custom Minnie
  8. Dandelionave smocked mouse
  9. dandelionave Butterfly Fleurish
  10. Princesstomato Not too shabby
Top ten groups
  1. Gallerybay
  2. StudioE
  3. ODOD/ododtoo
  4. yaya's
  5. Ivylane
  6. H2H
  7. Boutiquexoxo
  8. thechicks
  9. Lilyplum
  10. The Jaynes
The top ten group according to sales averages
  1. StudioE
  2. yayas
  3. Grannies
  4. Ivylane
  5. lilyplum
  6. H2H
  7. boutique xoxo
  8. Gallerybay
  9. The Betties
  10. The Jaynes
The top ten active groups/sellers boards
  1. CBD
  2. odod/ododtoo
  3. gallerybay
  4. wdas
  5. Pzaz
  6. The chicks
  7. studioE
  8. Ivylane/ Yayas tie... tie goes to the runner.
  9. The Jaynes
  10. Boutiquexoxo
every day a new adventure, every week a new surprise. Another group jumps into the number one spot! I think this is Gallerbay's first time in the number one spot for sales...Could be all the new blood. The Betties woke up, working their way into the countdown..New group last time Boutique Hugs and kisses, are movin' on up the ladder. Two notable sellers in the top ten, are stacystuffclothing..Who is groupless, and Princesstomato, the first handpainted auction in the top And we'll have fun* fun* fun til her daddy take the t'bird away..

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