Sunday, May 14, 2006

Who's Hot !!

Time flies.. we almost missed the countdown tonight.. Drum roll please....
The top 10 sellers and auctions for the past 2 weeks are..(1 being highest 10 lowest)
  1. Srann with the H20 summer swirl
  2. Cute as a Bug custom item private auction.
  3. Glamour Glitz dress from yammiwear2001
  4. Small Something Brings you...Silk Flower Twirl
  5. Thecharmedchild Pink Lemonade
  6. Cute as a bug private custom
  7. Kjncm Girlfriends Ribbon set
  8. Rose*valley*babies brought us Froggy kisses Rhumba
  9. Toodee*frudee*kids custom surprise applique
The top 10 groups according to total sales
  1. StudioE
  2. Ivylane
  3. ODOD
  4. Gallerybay
  5. Jaynes
  6. Thechicks
  7. H2H
  8. Lilyplum
  9. YaYa's
  10. Grannies
The top 10 groups according to sales averages.
  1. IvyLane
  2. Grannies
  3. Lilyplum
  4. Gallerybay
  5. StudioE
  6. H2H
  7. Jaynes
  8. YaYas
  9. OdOd
  10. TheChicks
Most active sellers groups are as follows
  1. CBD
  2. WDAS
  3. Pzaz
  4. ODOD
  5. Thechicks
  6. StudioE
  7. Sugarbelles
  8. The Jaynes
  9. IvyLane
  10. M2MA
Again Interesting results!! Top seller this time was Srann of Gallerybay , Number one group
StudioE for the second time in a row, and the group averaging the most dollars for their items is Ivylane.. The movers, who are not necessarily the shakers ODOD and the Grannies. CBD in the lead again..A no brainer. With 1693 completed auctions they average 1.09 auctions per person. Who will take the Month of May?? Stay tuned and find out!!

p.s. we are trying to get to as many groups as we know of . If your group grosses over $2000 Bi monthly let us know so we can get you added in there.
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