Friday, May 19, 2006

Where are they NOW???

How inspiring would it be to know that one of "us" made it to the "big time" Left boutique auctions for greener pastures. Several have !!! A new feature I am calling Where are they now will showcase some of the Boutique sellers who have sold among us, Dreams can come true!!
Your clothing line can be in stores across the country and the world. This mom did it.

Remember Bugg*juice? aka Pistol*pete?? Member of the Queen Bees? LOOK at her NOW!!

"A frustrated new mom launches new company, and Bugg Juice was born. Motivated by the lack of style options that would reflect her son's spunky personality, Owner/Designer Mary Vogt, put her love for fashion to good use to create a line for boys that's hip, funky, tailored and just plain cool. She believes the clothing industry needs to play "catch up" to fill the void for fashionable boys wear without conforming to the "traditional" idea that all boys are mud slinging, bug smashing, stain making beings. With that in mind, she designs her line by fusing ultra cool fabrics and textures that are unexpected for boys. She uses a "no trucks, no bugs, no puppies" rule, making sure that little guys have clothes with big style. Each garment is made of 100% top quality cotton that is super soft. All are machine washable, safe, durable and made in America. Bugg Juice is cute enough for any occasion but practical enough for everyday wear."

Check out Mary's site it is very fun!
It's custom BOUTIQUE....made by DesigningMINDS
NO fluff, NO interviews, NO ADS...JUST the Facts...the way it was intended............