Thursday, May 18, 2006

My cup of Couture

I just finished my cup of couture at the Boutique Cafe. Today I had A latte macchiato a tasty little drink that will tickle your taste buds, and Daria added that spot of sugar I like so well. Loved the show....With Cali Lewis of Geek Brief.....So interesting. I am a technology addict.. Love all the new ways, everyday people are being afforded the opportunities that were once only available to radio and television personalities. Good times. So of the products discussed today I found the cell phone for kids, the most useful and must have item. from firefly mobile Brought back memories of the first day I allowed my 9 year old to walk to school alone. I made him call home as soon as he was in the door at school, I waited at home anxiously for that phone call even though School was just across the street. There may have been less embarrassment for him, if he had his own "phone home" The fly pentop computer from leapfrog.... very cool, and probably the one item most of us would buy just for the novelty or out of desperation, was the why cry adapter...You will just have to watch the show and see why...YES I said watch. Its Daria Face to face. When your done reading the blog today, stop by for your cup of Latte Macchiato. Its a treat.
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