Monday, May 29, 2006


Time for the countdown!! Lots of surprises!!
The top 10 sellers for the last 2 weeks of May were!!!!!!
  1. nzbug Tropical Bliss
  2. nzbug with her Island Breeze set
  3. JZcustom Eclectic Dupioni Drama formal Corset
  4. MudpiesNpigtails Carmel popcorn
  5. toodee*frudee*kids custom auction
  6. Kandykisses 3 pc set Poshilities
  7. Citygirls surprise set of the month
  8. MudpiesNpigtails Mcdonalds fries her fast food custom
  9. Mama Patrice "this little piggy"custom
  10. Thecharmedchild care bear cuties

The top 10 groups according to sales are:
  1. StudioE
  2. Ivylane
  3. Lilyplum
  4. ODOD/ododtoo
  5. 7ave
  6. Gallerybay
  7. h2h
  8. boutiquexoxo
  9. yayas
  10. The Jaynes
The top ten groups according to sales averages.
  1. LilyPlum
  2. h2h
  3. StudioE
  4. Grannies
  5. Ivylane
  6. Boutique xoxo
  7. yayas
  8. The Jaynes
  9. Gallerybay
  10. 7&co
The most active group... listing the most.
  1. cbd
  2. odod/ododtoo
  3. studioE
  4. 7ave
  5. ivylane
  6. gallerybay
  7. m2ma
  8. Thechicks
  9. wdas
  10. yayas
Hmmmm a new group emerges from the shadows of ebay. They have been there selling side by side the super groups Never making a sound waiting for the day of its discovery. That day has arrived!! This group is very affectionate!!! Welcome Boutique hugs and kisses to the countdown. WDAS plummets as controversy invades its ranks.
StudioE and Lilyplum fight for that overall NUMBER one spot! The Grannies with low sales totals remain in the top 10 with high averages proving bigger isnt always better.
Who will emerge hot in June??? wait and see!
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