Monday, April 24, 2006


and they're off!!!!
BMB3D in the lead with 21 items listed for their "denim diva and dudes" launch..Not far behind are BFAE running second with their "splash into summer" launch with 15 items listed ....SWANK with "swankilicious" and THE VIOLETS Aloha Hawaii are neck and neck as they falter behind third place ABS "European Dreamin" Paris with 5 listings, as they jockey for that first place spot with one listing each. The following Groups have not made it out of the gate this morning Pinpalgirls launch "our favorite cartoons", 7&co doing "High Fashion" and Bella designers Boutique with "Baby Bloom"
C'mon you 3 groups on the gate lets saddle up!! I will update later on this week and see how well the launches went
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